Pinterest Management

Manage the full breadth of your Pinterest account. Strategy, creation, execution, and reporting.

Pin Creation

Create visually attractive pins that match your brand to draw more clicks and simplify your Pinterest account maintenance demands.

Instagram Management

Grow your followers with consistent posts, reels, and stories.

Facebook Management

Consistent and strategic posting on the worlds largest social media platform. Grow your audience!

Google Web Stories

Create visually stunning Web Stories with a focus on keywords that help you win.


Just need some help getting started or not sure where to go next? Utilize our experts to provide direction and real-world solutions.

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Are you struggling to run your business and keep up with the demands of driving traffic through social media? At Nicole Barker VA we offer expertise and virtual assistant services for multiple social media platforms. Our services are individualized per client and can include single platforms to focus specifically on winning with an individual traffic source, or include a combined strategy across all platforms to ensure maximum exposure.

  • Pinterest Management

    Best choice
  • $ 19 Per Month
  • Three levels of service to ensure you achieve success on the Pinterest platform
    We service some of the largest Pinterest accounts on the platform as well as small startup accounts and everything in-between.
    Choose from a variety of affordable service groupings to let our experts help you grow your engagement and traffic!
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  • Instagram Management

    2nd Option
  • $ 100 Per Month
  • Let our experts help you manage and grow your business presence on Instagram
    With over 1 billion users, Instagram has become a platform businesses can’t ignore.
    Use our expertise to post great content, engage more users, drive traffic to your website, and ultimately create more revenue through the use of Instagram!

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  • Facebook Management

    3rd Option
  • $ 99 Per Month
  • Utilize the world’s largest social media platform to get new exposure for your business.

    Companies, small businesses, and bloggers are all finding increased success as they implement strategic initiatives with Facebook.
    Let us help establish a plan to build your brand, drive traffic, increase revenue and execute for success!
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  • Google Web Stories

    3rd Option
  • $ 99 Per Month
  • Create dynamic and engaging Google Web Stories.
    Earn ad revenue both within the Web Story and through click through to the primary post.Our team of experts can handle the entire process from identification of the right post to promote, creation, and posting.
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About us

If you would have told me 4 years ago that my search to find a simple way to augment my family’s income while still raising my 3 boys was going to turn into this fantastic organization that helps hundreds of clients….I would have said you are crazy!

It’s true. I started Nicole Barker VA when one blogger friend of mine was describing how she needed someone to help her with her social media accounts. She simply didn’t have the time or energy to maintain her accounts daily. I was a stay-at-home mom at the time, and we had just relocated with my husband’s job. Prior to moving I had run a sales and marketing organization for an outsourced IT firm and we were feeling that loss of income. I quickly piped up and told my friend I was looking for other things to do and would be interested in helping. My wonderful friend showed me through all of her efforts and processes. I took the challenge to not only do the things she taught me, but to also immerse myself in the industry and platforms to ensure I could help grow her business.

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