April Pinterest Growth Challenge

Are you up for a challenge? August Pinterest Growth Challenge

April Pinterest Growth Challenge

April Pinterest Growth Challenge

Pinterest Growth Challenge for April

We’re back with another Pinterest Growth Challenge and we have three important strategies to help increase your Pinterest traffic.  And, I promise – these strategies will definitely help grow your Pinterest account and increase pageviews.

Create New Evergreen Boards

Look at all your Pinterest boards and make sure you have a minimum of 25 evergreen boards that fit your pins and niche.  This will give you more boards to pin your images to.  If you already have 25 boards try to create five more evergreen boards that you can start adding your pins to. Don’t forget to make sure each board has a good SEO/Keyworded description and category.

New Pinnable Images

Create new pinnable images and start pinning those images.  I recommend starting with your top 10 blog posts first.  Then work on creating new pinnable images for all your blog posts and add then start adding them to all your relevant Pinterest boards.

Learn more about creating pinnable images here.

Top Performing Pins

Save 2-3 of your top-performing pins to your Pinterest boards every day.  While Google says we need to push out new content for SEO purposes, Pinterest is telling us to focus on boosting content that’s doing well. Use Google Analytics to keep track of your top performing posts and make sure you’re pinning those regularly.  When you promote content that’s already successful, you’re just increasing the success of those pins.

Use our FREE Weekly Pinterest Planner to plan out your pins.

I know that Pinterest can be frustrating at times but it’s very important to take a few hours every week to focus on your Pinterest growth strategy.  Need help managing your Pinterest account?  Send us an email and we can share more information about how we can help you.

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