Delete Client

Be very careful with this function and please read this warning before using this page.



What will this page do?  This page will delete the full client record.  It will also delete any services, notes, details, or anything else we have in our system regarding this client.  So when you click “delete” this client will no longer exist in any of our databases.  

What if I just want to delete one service?  We don’t have a way to delete an individual service.  Please contact Matt if we need to delete a service.  To remove a service from all working searches, edit the service and select “cancel” and uncheck the “active” box.  That will remove the service while still keeping the full Client Record intact.

When should I use this function? This page is here to help us remove client records that are either incomplete or entered by mistake.  Keep in mind that once you click delete, anything associated with the client account is gone.  If you have created 2 client records for the same client please contact Matt to help.

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