Essential Tips for Writing the Perfect Newsletter

Essential tips for writing the perfect newsletter

Essential Tips for Writing the Perfect Newsletter

As a business owner and blogger, we’ve all been told to make sure we have a newsletter but how do we make our newsletter stand out?  What’s the key to a successful newsletter that people will actually read?

Well, here are a few essential tips to consider when writing your next newsletter.

Essential Tips for Writing the Perfect Newsletter:

Grab Your Readers Attention

This might be the most important tip.  Grab your readers attention right away with a catchy subject line.  Everyone is swamped with daily emails so you need to catch the readers attention right away.

Why Are you Sending out this Newsletter?

Make sure your providing valuable information that your readers want to read.  Don’t just send out a newsletter because you’re told to do one.  It needs to be interesting and valuable.  Think about how you are helping them and what valuable tips and trick they can take away from the newsletter to use in their everyday life.

Write for Your Audience

Your readers aren’t just readers.  They are your tribe!  They support your small business and they are interested in what you have to say but they also need a reason to stick around.  Make sure each newsletter has a purpose that your audience wants.  Don’t forget why they signed up for your newsletter in the first place.  If they want recipes, share recipes.  If they signed up for tips and tricks, share tips and tricks.  If they signed up for a free printable, include a new printable with each newsletter.

Keep it Short and Simple

People are busy so make sure your newsletters are short and to the point.

Why are Sending out this Email?

Think about what you want your readers to do after they read your newsletter.  Do you want them to visit your website?  Sign up for an e-course?  Follow you on social media?  Have a concrete idea in place for each newsletter you send out.

Set a Goal for Each Newsletter

Create a call to action and point your readers in the direction you want them to go with every newsletter you send out.

Make it Personal

Your subscribers want to know that you’re a real person.  Share something that happened to you or a personal lesson you learned.  Share behind-the-scene pictures to show that everything on your website isn’t picture perfect.  Build trust and show that you’re human too.  Remember, being transparent makes you believable.

Set up a Consistent Schedule

Your readers will want to know when they will hear from you; especially if they are new subscribers.  Consistency helps your subscribers remember who you are and why they signed up in the first place.  The exact frequency will be up to you.  Determine when your readers want to hear from you and go from there.  You don’t want to annoy your readers with too many emails but you don’t want them to forget about you.

Have Fun!

After all, what’s the point of creating a newsletter if it isn’t fun.  Include topics you enjoy writing about, add pictures, include quotes.  Figure out a system and strategy that works for you and have fun!

Does the thought of sending out your blog’s newsletter stress you out?  Let us help you!  We’re excited to add Newsletter Creations to our list of services.  Contact us for more information.

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