How to Use Tailwind Tribes to Boost Pageviews

How to Use Tailwind Tribes to Boost Pageviews Free Printables

How to Use Tailwind Tribes to Boost Pageviews

Are you using Tailwind to boost your blog traffic?  Today we’re sharing the benefits of using Tailwind Tribes to share your content, grow your Pinterest views and ultimately increase traffic to your website.

How to Use Tailwind Tribes to Boost Pageviews

What are Tailwind Tribes?

A Tailwind tribe is a group of bloggers or website owners you connect with to share relevant content and increase your reach.  Most Tailwind Tribes share a similar topic but there are also generic Tribes where you can share all of your favorite pins.  Not only do tribes help share content, but you can also use Tribe analytics to assess pin performance.

There are currently over 4,000 tribes on Tailwind which means there are tribes for every niche.  Many bloggers will say that the only reason one of their pins went viral was thanks to fellow tribe member sharing a pin through Tailwind.

How do Tailwind Tribes Work?

As you join new tribes on Tailwind, you simply add your pins to the tribes.  Then all you have to do is find other pins that you love and pin them.  It’s as simple as that.  Make sure you are following the tribe rules and most importantly, make sure you are pinning other’s content.  The whole point of tribes is to share content.

How Tailwind Tribes Can Bring You Traffic

Tribes are extremely helpful because they help new pins get exposure.  After you publish a new blog post, pin it to Pinterest and then add that pin to a few of your favorite Tailwind Tribes.  The goal is for other bloggers in your niche to repin your pin to one of there boards.

Tailwind Tribes also helps you find quality content to pin.  This will help you boost your engagement rates and keep you from just pinning your own content.   They also help you find content for new boards that you create or to add pins to boards that need new content.

I can honestly say that using Tailwind Tribes to share your content is one of the most effective ways to get a new pin exposure.

Our Tips for Success with Tailwind Tribes

  • Add quality pins.  You want your pins to be picked by other bloggers.  I recommend adding pins that follow the 2:3 rule
  • Most tribes will not allow affiliate links or products you are selling so make sure you’re following the tribe rules.
  • Don’t just pin and run.  Make sure you share more pins than you add.
  • Double check to make sure there is a pin description when adding pins to a tribe.  Tailwind will not let you pin an image if there isn’t a description so other people won’t be able to pin your pin if there isn’t a description.
  • Follow the tribe rules.  This is important because you don’t want to get kicked out of a tribe.
  • Don’t add the same pin to every tribe all at once.  We recommend pinning to 2-3 tribes at a time.
  • Space out your pins to each tribe.  Wait at least 30 days to repeat pins to a tribe.
  • Create multiple pins for each blog post and pin those to the same tribe instead of adding the same image multiple times.

How to Use Tailwind Tribes to Boost Pageviews

And, of course, we’re here to help you with a free Tailwind Tribes Tracking Metrics.  We created this printable to help you keep track of what you’re sharing in your tribes.  We also wanted to make sure that you keep track of the time of day your adding pins to each tribe to see what is working best for your pins.

We also want you to keep track of the Tailwind Tribes that are helping you by recording re-shares, repins, and reach.  All of this information can be found in Tailwind.

Download the FREE Tailwind Tribes Tracking Metrics HERE.

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