Pinterest Marketing Guide for 2020

Pinterest Marketing Guide for 2020

Pinterest Marketing Guide 2020

Want to increase your website traffic?  Of course you do!

Pinterest is one of the easiest ways to skyrocket your traffic and we’re sharing out Pinterest Marketing Guide for the new year.  Not only do we want to help you drive traffic to your site but we also want to help you implement key strategies needed for a solid Pinterest marketing strategy.

Pinterest Marketing Guide for 2020

Pin Regularly

Pinterest has their eye on you:) If you are active with new, quality pins, you will find more success than if you aren’t. Pin with a purpose; it is the key to your success and your pins are your bread and butter in Pinterest.

They also want you live pinning. Pinterest wants you to be engaged! Put Pinterest on your phone and take 5 minutes a day to live pin. You can do this while you are waiting for your gas to pump or waiting to pick your kids up from school.  You can do this while you are taking a bath. We all have 5 minutes to devote to our account’s growth.

Use Tailwind and Tribes

We highly recommend using Tailwind to schedule pins consistently. You can definitely pin manually with success but Tailwind makes it so much easier.  Tailwind allows you to schedule all your pins at one time leaving you time for other important business tasks.

Tailwind also gives you access to Tailwind Tribes. Join other bloggers in your niche to share relevant pins – what’s not to love about that?!

Use their tribes to get new pins shared quickly. I highly recommend using them to share your pins and add relevant content to your boards.  The other great thing about Tailwind Tribes is that every tribe usually has a rule that you must repin 1-2 pins for every pin you’ve added to the tribe.

Create New Pins

For the newest posts on your site, create more than one pin. You can be creative with these pins, with some having text overlay and others not. Make a collage with multiple pictures. Create video pins that may resonate better with your audience. Change up your style a little bit. Use different colors and fonts. You will want to be on brand, but it is good to be creative and shake things up. New pins can be saved over a few weeks time. You don’t need to post them all at once.

Don’t forget about your older blog posts.  I love the idea of creating new pins for most popular posts. If you have a pin that brought a lot of traffic to your site during the first quarter of last year, let’s make sure to create a few refreshed pins to support that same content.

Create More Boards

Look at all your Pinterest boards and make sure you have a minimum of 25 evergreen boards that fit your pins and niche. This will give you more boards to pin your images to. If you already have 25 boards try to create five more evergreen boards that you can start adding your pins to.

Optimize Pins and Boards

I know we’ve shared this before but it’s extremely important.  Make sure all your pins and boards include important key words so you can be found when people search for those key words and phrases.

This is also a good time to make sure your board names are searchable with keywords.  For example, instead of board titles “Yum”, be more specific like “Soup Recipes” and “No Bake Desserts”.

Create and Add Video Pins

Pinterest wants you to share your videos on Pinterest!  As Pinterest says, “video Pins are a great way to tell a more comprehensive story about your brand, idea or project.”  They want you to take your Pinterest marketing to the next level and that means creating and sharing videos.  We have found that video pins are getting more views than regular pins.

Videos can be as simple as a slide show of images from your website, an Instastory you shared recently, or a quick process video you created.

Add Seasonal Pins in Advance

I’ve mentioned this before and this is still very important.  Seasonal pins need to be pinned 30-60 days before the event or celebration.

Analyze Your Data

Use Google Analytics, Pinterest Analytics, and Tailwind Analytics to look at your top performing posts and pins.  First, look up your most popular posts on Google Analytics from previous months and pin those posts during that same time period. Create new pins for those posts and add them to relevant boards.  Use Tailwind to schedule them out throughout the month.

Next, use Tailwind and Pinterest to see which pins have the highest repins.  This can help you analyze pin design, what key words are popular and more.  Add those pins to your Tailwind schedule and create new pins for those posts.

We also recommend analyzing your group boards to look at their “virality” score.  A Pinterest board virality score is the number of total repins on the board, divided by the total pins on the board. This score can be found in Tailwind and the idea is that the higher the virality score, the more likely your pins are to get repinned.  We suggest leaving a few of your lowest performing group boards.  They aren’t helping you.

What strategies have you found the most helpful in the past?  Which of these Pinterest strategies will you be implementing first?

Remember, we’re here to help you grow your Pinterest account!  We want to help you be effective with your Pinterest marketing plan. Spend a few hours each month creating your Pinterest game plan using these helpful tips and trends. Please contact us if you have any questions or if you are interested in working together.


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