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Work from home jobs

Our social media agency is looking for new people to join our awesome team!  If you want to have a work from home career, are passionate about Social Media and want to learn the ins and outs of platforms like Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook we want to hear from you.

What we offer:

Completely flexible work hours

No formal training required

Competitive pay

Work with social media and get paid

Small business who cares

Send us your resume at admin@nicolebarkerva.com

The benefits of a stay at home job

Better Work-Life Balance

Flexible work schedule

Location independence

Money Savings

A customizable Home-Office

A Happier, Healthier Work Life

Our Company Commitments

Providing customer service excellence through individual relationships and social media expertise.

Service Excellence

Always ensuring our customers are delighted by what we provide. Never accepting the status quo.


Thought leadership from a trusted adviser you can count on.


Putting our passion to work to drive success in all areas.


Staying up on the industry, in-touch with our customers, and believing that transparent communications are essential for success.

About us

If you would have told me 4 years ago that my search to find a simple way to augment my family’s income while still raising my 3 boys was going to turn into this fantastic organization that helps hundreds of clients….I would have said you are crazy!

It’s true. I started Nicole Barker VA when one blogger friend of mine was describing how she needed someone to help her with her social media accounts. She simply didn’t have the time or energy to maintain her accounts daily. I was a stay-at-home mom at the time, and we had just relocated with my husband’s job. Prior to moving I had run a sales and marketing organization for an outsourced IT firm and we were feeling that loss of income. I quickly piped up and told my friend I was looking for other things to do and would be interested in helping. My wonderful friend showed me through all of her efforts and processes. I took the challenge to not only do the things she taught me, but to also immerse myself in the industry and platforms to ensure I could help grow her business.

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