Weekly Pinterest Planner {Free Printable}

Weekly Pinterest Planner {Free Printable}

Download the Free Weekly Pinterest Planner

One reason I wanted to add a blog to my website was so I could create free printables and resources that will help clients and my awesome readers build their Pinterest accounts. I’ve created this Weekly Pinterest Planner to help you plan out what you should be pinning each week.

How to Use the Weekly Pinterest Planner:

Pinterest Trending Ideas

#1 – Pinterest Trends

First, take a look at what’s trending each week on Pinterest.  There are a few ways to find this out.  I like to go to Pinterest and place my curser in the search box.  You’ll see your most recent searches, ideas for you, and trending ideas.  You can also take a look at my most recent monthly trending post to see what’s trending each month.  Use this to plan your weekly pinning schedule.

#2 – Top Posts

If you look at the different packages that I offer you’ll see that one thing I like to do is look at my client’s Google Analytics.  Remember, Google Analytics is a great source for your website.  Use google analytics to see what your top posts are for the previous 7-30 days.  These are the links that you want to pin.  Record them in this Weekly Pinterest Planner and start pinning them.

#3 – Top Posts from Last Year

Now I want you to use Google Analytics to see your top pins from this time last year.  Add those pins to your pin schedule.  Most likely if they were trending this time last year, they’re currently trending.

#4 – Top Performing Pins

Research and record your top performing pins.  You can use Pinterest and Tailwind for this.  Make sure you’re repinning these pins to relevant boards often.  Remember, it only takes one pin to go viral!

#5 – Weekly Schedule

Use the weekly schedule to plan out what you want to pin.  You can also use this space for planning future blog posts, make your weekly to-do list, etc.

Why I love this Weekly Pinterest Planner:

This Pinterest Planner was designed to research and record what you should be pinning each week.  Use it to see your top performing pins and to make sure you’re pinning what’s trending on Pinterest.  It’s especially good for bloggers who have been blogging for years who have lots of seasonal posts.  Dig in those blog post archives and start pinning the older posts along with the recently published posts.

Download your FREE Weekly Pinterest Planner HERE and have fun planning your weekly pins.  And, don’t forget, I’m here to help you grow your Pinterest account.  Please contact me if you have any questions.

Happy pinning my friends!


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