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When great strategy comes together with focused execution in digital marketing, the payoffs are amazing!

Grow your business

With billions of users on social media globally each day, businesses must have a great strategy to ensure their brand and products have the right presence. If a small business owner hasn’t taken advantage of platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook to further their reach, they have missed out on loads of potential traffic, leads….and of course money.

Why hire a social media virtual assistant?

Small business ownership is hard…believe me, I know!!! I have been operating small businesses my entire career. Keeping up with customer demands, finances, production, support, marketing, employees, and anything else the day throws at you….all while maintaining profitability…is the amazing challenge we all love to tackle as entrepreneurs.

Every successful business starts the same way….solving one problem. Where things get complicated is when that success expands and suddenly the small business owner must be an expert in a wide variety of disciplines…sound familiar?


A Social Media Virtual Assistant can help ease some of the burden, and more importantly, allow the small business owner to focus on what they do best. Whether your business is great at creating digital content, providing a service, or producing a product, VA’s allow you to focus on your core and let an expert help you execute a great social media marketing strategy.


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Why hire Nicole Barker

Our Company Commitments

Providing customer service excellence through relationships and expertise.

Service Excellence

Always ensuring our customers are delighted by what we provide. Never accepting the status quo.


Thought leadership from a trusted adviser you can count on.


Putting our passion to work to drive success in all areas.


Staying up on the industry, in-touch with our customers, and believing that transparent communications are essential for success.

Develop strategies

At Nicole Barker Virtual Assistant we are dedicated to our customer’s success. We individualize plans for each client to ensure our strategies match their specific business needs. We are in constant contact and continually monitor key performance indicators to ensure the strategy we agree on is yielding the best results.

Move forward

More important to what we do though is what you won’t have to do. Let us help you create content, be actively engaged in multiple social media platforms, monitor your successes, and be the trusted advisor you can count on to move your plans forward. For you that means, less time clicking, commenting, and liking, and more time creating, improving, and managing the truly important parts of your business.

Match your efforts

Our agency manages some of the largest social media accounts, small startups, and everything in-between. What that allows us to do is analyze and tweak our strategies to fit each of our specific clients. Utilize the Nicole Barker network of clients and knowledge base to share content, understand trends, and continually match your efforts to the ever changing world of social media.

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